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Skills for Life


Skills for Life was all about teaching young women life skills that they usually wouldn’t be taught as a female, like how to change a tyre, how to use hand and power tools like drills, financial literacy and many more! Attendees saved, earnt and spent virtual money, through Banqer, throughout the day, all leading up to attendees participating in an ‘auction’ at the end with lots of awesome prizes that the young women walked away with.

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Who am I & Who are You

Who am I & Who are You was all about giving young women the opportunity to try different activities that could be subject, career, or life choices!

The event started with 7 lightning talks from Female Role models from all sorts of different careers, all the way from The NZ Police to a Nanotechnologist!

Following these talks, the young women did 11 rotations, each to a different ‘stall’ where they got to experience taste of what that particular career/subject was about and ask any questions that they had!

To Finish, we ran a quiz about inspiration women in New Zealand’s Past as well as Present!

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When I Was Young

When I Was Young was all about having Female Role Models share the challenges they faced and how they overcame them as young women, with the young women of today.

This event featured talks from:

Jo Cribb – Ex CEO of Ministry for Women, now a gender consultant

Nicole Rosie – CEO of WorkSafe

Penny Gifford – Inspector at NZ Police

Following these talks the girls got some more time in groups to ask some other inspirational women questions as well. To finish, they all completed a challenge of creating the tallest sunflower out of only newspaper – harder than it sounds!

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